Fixing……not cars….but ipl matches

Once again,Indian cricket……which is an inseparable part of it our transparent society is under the pump due to match fixing. Three….or perhaps more players have sold their integrity to bookies for lakhs of money, and that too for giving some 14 runs in an over. With all due ‘disrespect’ to these players…..I believe that they were doing a fine job giving mammoth amount of runs eve without this kind of bartering. What a pity??

But on the serious side, this issue has stunned the millions of people who believed in the game of cricket. Accusing all players of fixing maybe a bit overreactive….but saying that the only tainted players are the ones who have been caught….is unrealistic. Where there is a will, there is a way,,,,,as so goes….’where there is money…..there is corruption’. And if the number of zeros in the sum is on the higher scale……as in the ipl,,,,such things were just a ‘matter of time away’. Indian society for long periods had been under subjugation of mighty emperors and foreigners… quite naturally, their sense of being exploited and reaction towards it,,isn’t always heartwarming. This is what we saw on the newspapers. Mass protest, against the players. The BCCI cannot turn it’s face around and call them a few bad eggs. The fact is…..there are a few bad chicken,,,,,and they are the only ones who lay eggs. Unfortunately the law in India favours the criminals. If that is not enough,,,,,there isn’t even a law under which these players can be booked!!!!! Fixing is everywhere,,,,,,we all know about,,,,,and we all talk about it,,,,,but no one acts on it. Everybody is at blame for what has happened. There is no gain in making King Midas out of Sreesanth &co….because we are all responsible for it.

Right now as you are reading this a playoff match is probably being fixed. Cricket has been India’s favorite sport since time immemorial,,,,,people look upto the game and enjoy it. It was in such a scenario that the news of spot fixing came to our years… choke up, what has been an entertaining season soo far. The rules need to be stricter and people need to be more realistic. 14 runs in an over is more than natural in the 20 over format,,,,,,but a towel in the pocket,,,,or removing of chain before big overs…means that something is fishy.


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